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Visitors to our website are interested in genealogy and family history, and often run their own websites on hosted servers. The best research involves travel to many places in the United States, Canada, Europe and other destinations. Travel in America and Canada in these pursuits is sometimes done in recreation vehicles with stays at RV parks and Resorts, or even motels, where the family can enjoy movies, restaurants and other entertainment while our genealogist is out visiting court houses, graveyards, funeral homes and museums. Researchers today most often commit their collected data and documents to laptop computers or other hand-held devices that store easily in a motor home or fifth-wheel trailer. Other times we travel by automobile or commercial airlines to an area of historical interest when we don't have time to linger. We usually stay with family or in a motel and use that as a home base. Because we often eat out we are always looking for restaurants and meal deals. After years of gathering and online publishing their family histories, we offer visitors a free and unique platform to attract other interested family historians to their websites for the information they need.

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Uploading Your Gendex File

  • An URL is a web address. When entered in the address bar of your browser it will display data or a page from the World Wide Web.
  • The Gendex file URL must lead to an actual gendex text file on your website and not to a script that redirects to, or 'fetches' it from somewhere else. It must begin with http:// (or https://) as in this example: http://www.example.com/gendex/gendex.txt
  • Your Website URL leads to your genealogy home page. Do not include an actual page script like index.php or index.html. Examples:  http://www.example.com or http://www.example.com/genealogy
  • The Dataset Name is simply a short (25 characters or less) description for the content of your gendex data. For example, "My Smith Family" or "Descendants of Jos Smith". It will be used to identify your dataset in search results.
  • Your email address is optional. If provided, it will be used by the site administrator to contact you if a problem is discovered with your gendex dataset or URL links. If you cannot be reached your gendex file may have to be removed.
  • GenDexNetwork.org is a genealogical index (GenDex) which searches for persons in family trees on the internet. The first GenDex was operated by Gene W. Stark from 1994 until 2004. It was begun when computer indexing for genealogical information was in its infancy.
  • GenDexNetwork.org connects the family trees to make one huge database. Clicking on a name in the search results immediately takes you to the same person on a family tree web page with their genealogical data.
  • GenDexNetwork.org is FREE and will remain FREE!
  • GenDexNetwork.org is more effective than normal search engines because:
  • GenDex indexes all the family trees in one database
  • GenDex can be searched by names, dates and places of birth and death
  • GenDex includes all family trees in one search
  • GenDex requires no joining or membership to search the database