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What You Need to Know About Gendex

Why Should I Use Gendex?

GenDex will bring visitors to your website. Genealogists and family historians searching GenDex for persons of interest will follow associated links to your website looking for more information and context. You can even expect some of them to contact you with additional information and artifacts.

How Can I Participate?

To get started go to the GenDex home page, click on the green tab, enter your gendex information and click on Upload. That's all there is to it!

What Is a Gendex File Anyway?

A gendex file is a pipe (|) delimited text (.txt) file that provides basic information about each person in your database according to whatever filters you have implemented. If you need to know the exact format to build a gendex file generator on your website, please read the 'Help' file. You can also Google 'gendex format' to find Wikipedia articals that provide excellent details.